Commercial Music and Artist Ambassadors TAILOR MADE for your MISSION

Spread your mission easily

We connect you with top tier talent passionate about YOUR mission. We work with artist that match your organizations’ taste to create a sonic soundtrack to your mission. Music Videos, Artwork, live shows all align with your brands mission. Keep your mission stuck in people’s head with incredible music. Your organization could very well be a part of tomorrow’s biggest hit song!

Fund raise in Perpetuity

Using smart contracts on the blockchain, we make it easy for your organization to fundraise for it’s mission by receiving royalties everytime Your songs are licensed or Streamed. In addition to the artist promoting the music, we promote the music through our partners as well. One breakout hit song could easily generate six figures annually and a swarm of invaluable exposure for your organization.

Artist Ambassadors

Using smart contracts on the blockchain, we make it easy for your organization to fundraise for it’s mission by connecting you with the most talented independent music creators in the world, who WANT to make a difference with their music! You could be instrumental in the career of the next music superstar. Their music fans become your future donors. Our job is to create a commercially successful impact project that aligns and supports your organization and brings in PASSIVE revenue and impact for years to come.

Unique Engaging Content

Content is king, and our system will generate incredible content for your organization that will keep your followers engaged. Imagine your brand taking the donors “behind the scenes” in the studio while creating your very first Impact music project. Imagine doing a live show and discussion about the songs and inspiration. During the process, We help our musical change makers create aligned content that your organization can use. The sky is the limit with how much the right music can elevate your organizations’ mission and support independent artist who want to make a bigger impact.


1. Speak with our Creative team to discuss your mission, initiatives, and brand voice.

2. We curate the highest quality musicians who would like to support your mission.

3. We choose a project size and launch strategy. (Ex: Single, EP, or album options. We can Distribute via traditional platforms like Spotify, or Launch as an NFT or both..We tailor campaigns with you to make the most impact)

4. We set you up with the proper music business affiliations so you can get paid directly (BMI,Ascap, Youtube, SoundExchange ect) Simple process.

5. Agree on rev shares, Set Deadlines and Our Artist get to work on the music and content.

6. We help you a&r the process, selecting the songs that we predict will have the mostcommercial success in sync licensing and streaming.

7. We package your impact project, complete with artwork, merch designs and other exclusive branded content for your supporters.

8. We create the Smart contracts so your money flows to you directly, then we launch a PR campaign on your behalf to drive traffic to the release.

9. Motivate your supporters with our transparent royalty tracking system. The more they listen, the more they support your mission. Sell the project NFT’s to your base and share in revenue with artist. Calculate revenue generated in real time.

10. You enjoy the music and passive revenues generated for years to come as the songs and
artists you supported become more popular.

No Brainer, Right?