Remember when you could turn on the radio and music made you feel good? Those days when artist actually could SING and hip hop music was about fun and having a good time? We do too.

Music is the mirror of our society and what we stand for. We are here to shift society in a loving positive direction, by elevating the talented artists who embody that in their music. .

Our eco system is a Win/ Win/ Win. A win for independent music artist who’s music can move the soul. A win for organizations who are trying to make the world a better place. And a win for the music lover who loves discovering new music and also wants to help make the world a better place.

Discover Artist and Their Mission

This is beyond streaming music. We connect you to the music of the artist, but also the story and the passion of the artist. Together you can make a tangible difference in the lives of other people. All you have to do is press play.

Listen and Make a Difference

Imagine raising money for causes you care about just by sharing music you love. With our blockchain technology, As the music you love becomes more successful, you can see how much money you’ve raised for a particular cause.

We turn music fans into our partners in making a difference. When our community impact projects, hit different levels of success, Music Mission Haus pays out a Fan Club dividends to a transparent impact fund that Fans get to nominate local causes in their city. The areas with more paid fans, get a
larger portion of the funds and those fans can nominate local causes to support.

Tax Deductible Subscription

Our charitable status and social good ecosystem makes your entire subscription cost a tax-free expense.

Exclusive NFT Content

Each paid Fan subscriber will have access to exclusive NFT Content that could potentially be worth a fortune in the future when one of our artist turn into a global star. Imagine owning “behind the scenes” demos or exclusive community video chats with the next Bruno Mars or Adele. We are changing the fan and artist relationship, and in return for your early support we position you to profit
from their subsequent success.

A&R Access

Ever thought you could tell a hit song? Well here’s your chance to help us find them! Our paid members receive the opportunity to poll and feedback with our internal team, on the music that moves you. We use that data from our community to curate the best projects for our impact organizations. Members who participate in the A&R on a project…get named credit on the project
forever. Welcome to the Music Business!

Learn new skills that grow your mind, health and your money,

The courses and mentorship is beneficial not just for our Artist members but also music fans. You’ll have the opportunity to level up with us, and We know it will help you build your mindset and your finances, so that you can live more abundantly…while listening to great music of course!

No Brainer, Right?