We don’t just EMPOWER the music artist..We empower YOU the person to serve your mission.
Music mission Haus is elevating the next generation of Musical changemakers

Where Music Meets Impact

Musical Changemaker; A musical artist with positive intention to impact through their words and music.

Connect your music with charities and grow your audience while making a difference in the lives of others.

We exist to make a difference not just make music. The core part of what we do is connect brands and organizations that need positive, uplifting, or cause relevant music for their mission. We create a WIN/WIN for everyone involved, and you the artist may end up with global exposure, brand partnerships, and a song that helps fund a school or clean water for people in need.

Access exclusive sync opportunities in film, tv, and advertising.

Our supervisors have placed music in shows on every major network, and major campaigns including the SUPERBOWL. We have direct relationships and pitch your music, non exclusively to these opportunities. As a paid member you receive time sensitive briefs that put you in the running for amazing opportunities and exposure.

Collaborate and Network with like minded community.

We are building an army of musical changemakers. Everyone in this community is using their music to spread love, bring awareness, and uplift humanity. Everyone in this community puts their music where there heart is. Imagine what we can do when we work together.

Learn new skills that grow your mind, health and your money.
We want to kill the idea of “starving artist”. So We have put together exclusive courses for our members and curated a library of content that we know will help you build your mindset and your finances, so that you can soar as an independent artist. Everything from building a team, to investing in stocks and real estate with little money. We are here to help artist LEVEL UP.

Get artist branding and marketing services at discounted rates.
Need a music video, artwork, artist website? Being a member of this community gets you access to vetted professional providers at a family rate. We’ve aligned with other creatives who want to help music artist that are passionate about helping the world.


Here Come The Blessings

Ollie Gabriel 

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