Before you join the Haus, we want to make sure that you are fundamentally aligned with the other artists in the community.  

1. You are a human before you are an "artist."

You do not fit into a box and aren't worried about labels. You embrace your humanity and all that comes along with it.

2. You know that you are not what you do.

You are not your possessions and you are most definitely not what others think of you.

3. You are committed to your growth.

You know that your mental and emotional development is just as important as your career development.

4. You define success for yourself.

You know your true north and are not controlled by the thoughts opinions and actions of others.

5. You use your gifts to uplift humanity.

You believe that your passions and skills have the power to change the beliefs, actions and hearts of others.

6. You value making a positive impact.

You aren't in it for money, fame, or status. You are here on this earth to make a difference.

7. You are not afraid to speak out about issues that affect humanity.

You truly believe music has the power to change the world.

Artist Submission